The Slipstream Folding Propeller

The latest propeller in the Seahawk line up, first released as a a two-blade model July 2003, the SLIPSTREAM range of Geared Folding Sailboat Propellers. This range was designed using many years of collective experience to achieve three main goals:

  1. Outperform competing brands
  2. Provide a long service life, while being user serviceable without specialist skills.
  3. Develop an enhanced product at a comparable price

2 Blade Shaft Drive
Construction : Stainless Steel
Sizes : 14″ to 20″ Dia.
Shaft size : 1″ to 1 1/2″ Dia.
5 year warranty


2 Blade Sail Drive
Construction : Stainless Steel
Sizes : 14″(380mm) to 20″ (508mm) Dia.
5 year warranty

Main Features of the Slipstream

  • Geared design keeps blades synchronized, allowing the blades to fold back properly regardless of the propeller position, even at low speeds.
  • Sizes from 14″ to 20″ diameter
  • All Stainless Steel construction for superior life using low carbon 316L grade stainless steel. Being a similar metal as the internal components and shaft of saildrive units, it is less likely to promote electrolysis, the most common cause of prop failure
  • Large Blade area for excellent thrust, with unique blade geometry resulting in a smoother and more reliable opening of the blades, particularly when shifting into reverse, whilst travelling forward.
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene thrust plates* on either side of the blades prevent metal-to-metal wear of blade on body.
  • Blades pivot on replaceable Nibral bushes*, these can be easily pressed out and replaced, compared to the traditional over sizing or welding/redrilling
  • Easily replaced Polyurethane ‘Bump-Stop Pads’* reduce the ‘clunk’ of the blades hitting the stop faces when shifting into forward, plus eliminates the wear on the back of the blades and the body
  • Blade pivot pins* are double screwed* at BOTH ends for increased security of blades
  • All wear components are user-serviceable, “self-service” kits are available for when the time comes to refurbish the propeller (items with * are included in the kit)
  • Saildrive models feature ‘fail-safe’ cushion hubs, with integrated safety stops.
  • The user can easily replace the cushion hub, although it is unlikely it will ever wear out.
  • Five-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects
  • Unique shaft nut and locking screw arrangement prevents the propeller nut from working loose, a traditional problem with saildrives often leading to propeller loss.

Each propeller is supplied with:

  • Comprehensive instructions
  • 2 hex keys for pivot pin and locking screws
  • Loctite to secure pivot pin screws
  • Spare polyurethane bump stop pad
  • Stainless steel locking wire
  • Stainless steel shaft nut and locking screw